We've Created Something Revolutionary

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Why Coily & Curly Haired Women have dry, irritated & scarred bikini areas


Do you ever have a problems with rough, dry skin after shaving?  Constantly fighting hair bumps and ingrown hairs?  Ever experience irritation after using hair removal creams?Experience scarring after waxing services?

 When you have coily or curly hair, things are different. But it’s not your fault--- after decades of the same hair removal products, razors with 3, then 4 and now 5 blades, you’ve still been left unsatisfied and in many cases unseen at all.

 Meanwhile, you’re spending more and more money trying new products and services every month hoping for results.

  You’ve probably even felt compelled to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on waxing or laser treatments but you realized that that’s not practical or realistic for you to maintain.

 Then when you realize that you need something more, you start to see that most of what’s on the market fails to give you results because they weren’t made with you in mind.

 3 Critical Problems with traditional hair removal products and services that you can’t ignore.

 Women with coily and curly hair have different skin care and hair care needs before, during and after the hair removal process.Women with coily and curly hair have hair follicles that are shaped differently that others with straight hair.The angles at which the hair grows out of the skin from the hair follicle is different from others with straight hair.

 So...what would the “Perfect” Hair Removal Process for women with coily and/or curly hair look like?

 It would like it was created for you, with your skin care and hair care needs in mind because it was.

We’re committed to taking the at-home hair removal experience to new heights. So when it came to creating our Skin Glazing™️ System, our vision was clear:

To create a wholistic process and system specifically for women of color that will give them dramatically better results without harsh or toxic chemicals.

 After 23 years as a beauty industry professional, a licensed barber and a holistic practitioner, studying what works and what doesn’t I guarantee the effectiveness of this incredible system and offer you a no hassle money-back guarantee.  (See information on our FAQ page.

You get effective, clean beauty products made with you in mind, without nasty chemicals or preservatives with the best extracts and ingredients combined to make an incredible effective hair removal and skin care system in one.

We wanted to created the ULTIMATE at-home hair removal experience with uncompromising results...the kind of results that will have you coming back...

 And we’ve done just that.

 Welcome to a league of your own. Where you can have the smooth, soft and supple skin you want “down there” no matter your hair type.


  • Say goodbye to stubborn ingrown hairs & bumps
  • Increase smoothness & elasticity of skin in your bikini area
  • Be free of irritation
  • Enjoy the confidence of being comfortable in your skin

 This is the next level system for women of color with coily and curly hair, who want to feel their best and know that the best is yet to come. Our Skin Glazing™️ System is a testament to our commitment to progress and inclusion in the hair removal space with top quality products for us! Giving you a transformative, luxurious experience and real results.

Be among the many who are experiencing a new world of benefits with our revolutionary Skin Glazing™️ System!


We've Created Something Revolutionary