FITTT Beauty Skin Glazing Hair Removal System
Greetings Future Glaze Babe,

We're so glad that you're here to allow us to share our story and our Skin Glazing™️ concept with you.  


I'm Jaye Renee',  a 23 year Beauty Industry Veteran, consultant and author that's been seen in or on Forbes, HuffPost, USA Today, Black Enterprise, The Miami Herald, New York Daily News, International Business Times and others.


Skin Glazing™️ is a process that I created as a result of my experiences in the Beauty Industry, as a Certified Wholistic Wellness Guide, who's studied under the world renowned Queen Afua and as woman with 4c classified hair type.


Growing up as a young lady with 4c hair, I struggled for years to find a hair removal product or service that would work for me without burning, scarring, inflaming or irritating my skin.


I was tired of having scarring, burns, hair bumps, ingrown hairs and/or dry skin. And as I got older I got tired of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for treatments.


Growing up, I had no idea that later in barber school and shortly after I would finally understand why myself and others who looked like me found it so much harder to have smooth skin on or around our bikini areas.  And I had no idea that I would also, create something to solve that problem.


Here's a little bit of how it all came to be.  I went to 2 different hair schools prior to me becoming a licensed barber and neither in those schools or in classes I took in the years after, did I see the holistic needs of people of color being met when it came to hair removal.


To paint the picture for you, I was becoming a barber as opposed to becoming a cosmetologist because at the time I was not interested in nails, skincare, esthetics or massage...I just wanted to "do hair".  Going to barber school instead of cosmetology school also saved me 400 hours which was about 4 months of school.  I wanted to be in about out as soon as possible.


At barber school we did straight razor shaves.  Straight razor shaves, if you're unfamiliar is when you use a straight razor with a handle on it to shave a mans face.  The straight razor has no guards or guides, you have to skillfully shave your client without cutting them or yourself.  You have to know how much tension to use at various points on the face and which direction to move the blade for desired level of closeness.


Not every barber can do a straight razor shave, and an even smaller number of those who can, can also give clients their desired results after the shave over time.  Those who can, are in an elite class of highly trained barbers.


Turns out, I was pretty good. I completely got it, but not just the technique but all of it, the before and after care over time for maximum desired results.  Especially for people of color and/or who may be called Black.


In 2014 I was speaking with a lady in an upscale health conscious grocery store, she was sharing her frustrations with me about current hair removal products on the market.  She told me she had been to different stores over the years trying new things hoping to find something that work for her so she wouldn't have bumps, scarring, irritation, in-grown hairs or have to put nasty cream down there to burn the hair off.


I shared with her that I used to have the same problems and told her what she could do and what she could use so that she could have the smooth, soft bikini area she wanted. 


Years later, in 2018 I ran into her again at the same store.  She told me that what I told her had worked and she's been following what I said ever since.  She also, said she had been hoping to run into me to tell me how much she appreciated it.


From then until early 2020 I continued to research and refine the process, products and ingredients, in preparation to offer it other people who had the same problems she and I did.  From that the Skin Glazing™️ concept and process was born.


FITTT Beauty the brand was born in 2021 to provide women of color with coily and curly hair, a luxurious at-home hair removal experience that will allow them to have smooth and supple skin "down there".


FITTT Beauty is proud to be able to offer you the first and only hair removal system, created for coily and curly haired women that cares for the skin before, during and after the hair removal process.  We call it our Skin Glazing™️ System.


As far as our brand name FITTT Beauty, FITTT is an acronym.  It stands for Faith It Till Truth Talks.  I'm sure you've heard the term "fake it till you make it", well this is a little different. 


Having faith is the only true way to be, do and have anything you want.  When you have faith, it's not necessary that you know exactly how your desires and goals will be met and/or achieved, you just have to be focused on the end result.


No matter what things look like on the outside, never waiver.  Remain steadfast, with your faith on 100%.  Supreme faith helps you to find and recognize your "truth".  Your truth will speak to you, leading you in directions and putting people, places and things in your path. 


Some people just seem to be divinely led, everything they touch turns to gold and people love to be in their presence, these people are led by their truth and things just seem to fall in place for them.  


Have faith, supreme faith, that faith becomes so strong until you hear, feel, intuit your truth speaking to you to help you accomplish your goals.  That's beautiful.


So there you have it FITTT, Faith It Till Truth Talks...

FITTT Beauty 🥰


There you have it! 🥰


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Smooth Skin in Just 4 Easy Steps


Step 1: Bump Blasting PreGlazing Scrub

Used to prep for hair removal. 

Step 2: Skin Glazing™ Oil

Used with razor for hair removal.

Step 3: After Splash Skin Soother

Used after to soothe skin.

Step 4: After Glaze Moisturizer

Used to moisturize skin, aids skin in healing and reduces discoloration.

All Natural

Step# 1 Pre-Glazing Bump Blasting Scrub

Formulated to remove dead skin cells, exfoliate the skin and prep for even hair removal.

Cane sugar gently exfoliates the skin while prepping it for hair removal.

Plant-based Alpha Hydroxy Acids helps to promote collagen and blood flow and corrects discoloration from scars.

Evening Primrose and Rosehip Seed Oil provides premium hydration for coily and curly haired skin types.

Cruelty Free

Step#2 Skin Glazing™️ Oil

Our revolutionary custom blend of natural oils moisturizes and protects the skin, while softening the hair during the hair removal process.

No Parabens

Step# 3 After Splash Skin Soother

Crafted from an all natural blend of ingredients to soothe and prevent irritated skin.

White Willow Bark gently exfoliates for radiant skin. Tea Tree Leaf Oil clears and prevents ingrown hairs, has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that calms redness and swelling.

Orange Blossom Water speeds up the process of cell regeneration.

Quality First

Step# 4 After Glaze Moisturizer

An incredible all-natural moisturizer for coily and curly haired women. Rosemary Leaf Extract protects the skin and prevent signs of premature aging.

Meadow foam seed oil creates a protective seal to lock in moisture without leaving a greasy feel. Vitamin E helps skin cells to regenerate and has amazing anti-aging properties.

Grape seed oil improves your skins moisture and suppleness.