Super Golden Glow Serum
Super Golden Glow Serum
Super Golden Glow Serum
Super Golden Glow Serum

Super Golden Glow Serum

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Say Goodbye to Darks Spots, Scarring & Discoloration!

Our incredible Super Golden Glow Serum is the luxury boost you need if you want clear and smooth skin now!

It's time to put those dark spots on notice!  Tell them they have to go and grab our new Super Golden Glow Serum!

Our serum was created to give you an even skin tone "down there" by erasing dark spots and eliminating discoloration.  It is formulated to brighten and revitalize.

It is comprised of all natural ingredients that will not irritate or disturb your body's natural feminine ph balance.

We guarantee it to work and back it up with our money back guarantee!

*Fragrance Free*

 1 oz. Super Concentrated 30-45 day supply.

At FITTT Beauty we value clean beauty.  Our products are all natural and free of toxic chemicals and will not throw off your natural feminine PH.

◾Cruelty Free ◾Vegan ◾All Natural


*Our Super Golden Glow Serum comes with our Money-Back guarantee as all of our products do.  See details on this FAQ page.*


Money Back Guarantee-

If you use our system for 30 days and see no improvement we will offer you a complete refund, minus shipping cost.